Meet the modder who hacked AMD's new upscaling tech into Cyberpunk 2077

Earlier this week, news broke of a modder that hacked AMD’s FSR 2.0 temporal upscaling technology into Cyberpunk 2077, allowing users of non-RTX graphics cards the chance to play the game at higher frame-rates with substantially better visual quality than with FSR 1.0 upscaling. That’s massive for owners of AMD GPUs, and the mod even works beautifully on Steam Deck.

We contacted the mod’s creator, the gloriously named PotatoOfDoom1337, to find out exactly how it works – and whether it means that FSR 2.0 will soon be available in a tonne of existing games. Here’s the interview, edited lightly for clarity. Enjoy!

What’s your background in programming and game modding? On NexusMods, it looks like you’ve only been creating mods since April last year?


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