Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer ‘All In’ on Xbox

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently spoke with Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella about the future of gaming within the company. It was an interesting conversation on games, services, and the much-anticipated Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox has produced a video on Xbox Wired and the company’s official YouTube channel in which the company’s senior executives explain the current difficulties impacting Xbox and Microsoft. Among the numerous themes covered, both stress the current condition of Xbox, the company’s future of gaming, and the value of games in the world.

During the discussion, Nadella emphasizes Microsoft’s and Xbox’s current competitive advantages over their competitors: “There are really three, I think, areas or key areas where we believe we have an incredible competitive advantage. First is our leadership in cloud computing; second, the resources we have to build out the subscription value with Xbox Game Pass; and third is our overall focus on empowering creators. I’m really excited about the opportunity in gaming.”

Cloud is the next frontier

Both executives highlight the relevance of the future Xbox Cloud Gaming service, stressing one of the factors that underline the value of this service and illustrating why it is the most important of these services.

“The cloud will allow us to completely remove these barriers to play worldwide,” Spencer says. “Of course, there’s still a place for consoles and PCs. Frankly, there always will be, but through the cloud, we will be able to deliver a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the Internet, even on the least powerful, least expensive devices, devices people already own.”

Nadella and Spencer seem to have their eye on the evolution of gaming in the next ten years. Furthermore, the CEO of Microsoft talks about Game Pass and the acquisition of Bethesda. We learn, for instance, that they are planning for Game Pass to reach more countries in the future.

With Game Pass, we are truly redefining how games are distributed, played, and shared. The content is the driving force behind Game Pass’ growth, which is why I’m so excited about our acquisition of ZeniMax, which brings some of the world’s most iconic, beloved games to the service. With Game Pass coming to the browser, the value of the subscription is going to transcend from the console to the PC to mobile, and it’s great to see the progress.

I’m looking forward to how we continue to invest in Game Pass to add more content and bring the service to even more geographies as we make progress.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Interesting and appealing information is emerging from Microsoft. Xbox is clearly establishing itself as a major pillar of the firm. With the acquisition of Bethesda, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and a slew of additional features in the works, Xbox’s future in the gaming sector is definitely bright.

Watch the discussion down below!

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