Sims 4 introducing sexual orientation in free update later this month


Up until now, The Sims 4 has presented itself as an enthusisatically flexi-sexual world, where every Sim is open to at least considering all attempts to woo and WooHoo. That’ll soon change, however, with an imminent update giving players the opportunity to define their Sims’ sexual orientations in a way that better reflects the real world.

Arriving as part of a free update accompanying The Sims 4’s next major expansion, High School Years, which launches on 28th July, the feature will add a new Sexual Orientation tab to the game’s Create-A-Sim screen. Here, player will have the opportunity to tinker with three settings that will impact how Sims interact with others in-game.

The first option enables players to choose whether a Sim is romantically attracted to men, women, both, or neither, meaning they’ll turn down romantic advances made by Sims that don’t fit that profile. Incidentally, while discussing the feature during its latest livestream, developer Maxis explained it’s currently using gender binary terms (despite making strides to add more inclusive pronoun options) for technical reasons relating to how The Sims 4, which is built on eight-year-old architecture, currently handles gender behind the scenes. It notes, however, that it hopes to expand the feature to encompass more gender identities over time.

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