Sons of Valhalla Is a 2D Singleplayer With Tongs of Viking Combat

Sons of Valhalla Is Not an Average 2D Base-Building Sidescroller

Sons of Valhalla is a singleplayer action game that features a lot of base building. When gamers think of 2D sidescrollers, titles such as Starbound or Terraria will probably come to their minds. However, this particular game is definitely different compared to those.

It boasts of a lot of vicious Viking combat, strategy, base building, and even RPG elements. Vikings are swinging their axes and swords and throwing flaming pitches at each other. However, one particular feature of Sons of Valhalla is its beauty. It has tremendous pixel art that appropriately compliments the game’s detailed animation.

sons of valhalla 2d singleplayer viking combat

Plus, Sons of Valhalla also as an interestingly beautiful weather system. Players get to experience a day and night cycle, along with weather effects that range from murky fogs to heavy thunderstorms. The visuals of the game is certainly very nice for the eyes. Fans can just sit and stare at their screens all day, only if the game’s universe was not full of enemies trying to kill them.

Sons of Valhalla players get to play the role of a nimble Viking. They will be capable of light and heavy melee attacks, ranged bow attacks, and dodge rolling. Plus, they can upgrade their skills and abilities as they progress through the game.

Players of the game are not only warriors. They will also be builders. This means that they will get tasks related to the construction, maintenance, and upgrade of in-game structures. Examples of which are fishing huts, barracks, and mead tents.

A plot twist in the game is the fact that the players are not the only ones who can have a base. Both the players and their enemies can build one. Everyone can use siege engines and flaming arrows to destroy each other’s gates and barricades in order to invade strongholds.

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