Streamer Asmongold Confirms Twitch Return Date

Twitch is in a strange place right now. Amidst controversies surrounding the company’s handling of harassment against streamers, a number of content creators have begun to express their dissatisfaction with the platform. And while the company still remains the most popular live streaming service for video games in the industry, some high-profile names have started to move to competing platforms. Despite this growing list of uncertainties surrounding Twitch, one positive for those that continue to watch content on the platform is that one popular World of Warcraft streamer has announced his return.

In a recent tweet, Asmongold revealed that he was going to start streaming on Twitch again. According to the content creator, he plans to start broadcasting on Saturday, September 11. In addition to announcing a date for his return, he gave fans a glimpse of his future schedule. He plans to play Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood along with having his first P.O. box stream over the weekend. Furthermore, he noted that there are changes planned for the future, and he emphasized that it is “good stuff not bad.”

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This news comes after the popular figure had decided to take a short break from streaming. While the exact reason behind the time off was unknown, fans of the streamer probably saw it coming. Asmongold has talked about quitting streaming for some time now, and he has admitted that streaming hasn’t been fun recently. This break also came shortly after controversial comments he made about the recent #ADayOffTwitch movement.

This isn't the streamer’s first absence from the platform, he has stepped away from broadcasting on Twitch multiple times in the past. Back in January of this year, Asmongold decided to take a break from streaming saying that the reasons for his decision were too long to list. Unlike this most recent break that lasted a little over a week, Asmongold’s previous time off lasted almost 2 months.

Asmongold’s return to Twitch comes as a number of popular streamers continue to migrate to other content platforms. Recently, Twitch lost a couple of the company’s most popular figures. Last week, DrLupo, known for creating content from a number of games such as Escape from Tarkov, announced he had signed a major exclusivity deal with YouTube. Only a few days later, the massively popular Warzone streamer TimTheTatman revealed that he was making the move to YouTube as well.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Asmongold returns to Twitch later this week. Time will tell if the short break makes a difference for the content creator’s approach to streaming.

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