Streamer Starts Boycott of Tripwire Interactive Games

The fallout from Tripwire Interactive president John Gibson's comments regarding the new Texas abortion law is heating up. Among those voicing their displeasure towards the Maneater developer is one of the more well-known Twitch streamers on the platform.

The reactions started pouring in overnight after Gibson took to Twitter celebrating the Texas law being allowed to stay in place by the United States Supreme Court. The Tripwire exec went out of his way to say that he felt like he needed to go on the record as a "pro-life game developer" because so many in the industry were voicing their opinions on the other side of these kinds of issues. That statement was almost immediately met with a backlash that includes a prominent Twitch streamer proclaiming that he would no longer be playing any games Tripwire is involved with.

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Not long after Gibson made his comments, one of the more popular streamers on Twitch in Cohh Carnage announced he was boycotting the company's games. He also took to Twitter to announce the boycott, first saying that he was sorry for the people who work at Tripwire under Gibson. He also made it clear he felt bad for those who had worked on games like Maneater and Chivalry 2. He finished his post by saying he was going to be stepping away from games associated with Tripwire and he won't support that company.

Cohh Carnage is so well known in the gaming industry that he has made appearances in titles like Chivalry 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. When the streamer was asked whether he would request for his Cohhilition logo to be removed from Chivalry 2, he made it clear that he was not holding anything against the game's developer, Torn Banner. He went on to say that Tripwire is the game's publisher, but the developers were likely blindsided by Gibson's comments.

Cohh Carnage did go on to say that he hopes those who don't share Gibson's opinion will make that clear. He said he hoped firms like Torn Banner would come out with their own comments.

Over the last few months, Twitch has been the focal point of controversies. Some like the hate raids that have plagued Twitch streamers have been out of the content producers' control. However, it appears that Cohh Carnage for one is trying to use the platform to do what he feels is a more positive use. For now, the streamer has not said if he'll work to get others on the platform to join his boycott against Tripwire Interactive.

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