The man who helped launch The Witcher, Dark Souls and Enslaved

May I introduce to you a bit of a legend around these parts. They’re one of the most well known faces in the UK games industry, and more than that, they’ve helped bring some of the biggest and most beloved game series to our shelves. I’m talking about the likes of The Witcher and Dark Souls, and they don’t come much bigger than that.

I distinctly remember talking to this person around the launch of The Witcher 1, in fact, back when no one here knew what it was. And then several years later we were in a Scottish castle together at a lavish play test event for The Witcher 3.

They’ve also had a significant hand in so many other games, from Enslaved: Journey to the West to Ni No Kuni, and from Enter the Matrix to Pac-Man. They even met the Wachowski sisters. In fact, they’ve been so involved in delivering the games we’ve played that I wonder what, in an alternate timeline where they didn’t work in games, our lives would have looked like.


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