Twitch Sends an Email Statement to Streamers Regarding ‘Hate Raids’

The recent "hate raid" controversy that has plagued many Twitch content creators, particularly those in the LGBTQ+ community, has seen many streamers and those in the overall user base call on the platform to implement measures to prevent such abuse in the future. With many not satisfied with the way the company has handled the fiasco, a recent digital walkout took place in protest, which resulted in Twitch seeing a significant drop in interaction on September 1. However, it looks as though the streaming site is ready to do something about it, according to a recent mass email.

Many Twitch streamers will likely have already received a message in their inbox recently. The email acknowledges the recent harassment that many have been subjected to through the hate raids. The message opens by insisting that streamers should not have to experience "malicious and hateful attacks" from anyone. It also thanked the community for reaching out to the site to ask it to implement new measures. It also mentions that the company has been working on some new tools which will go a long way to ensuring better safety measures are in place on the site, though it doesn't go into a lot of detail about what these will involve. On top of all that, the email mentions that Twitch will be hosting a Creator Camp on September 15 for those who wish to utilize the tools already on the site for better moderation.

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In the meantime, others have stepped forward to offer solutions to harassment and hateful comments. Recently, Streamlabs introduced a 'safe mode' which enables users to automatically turn on certain features in chat, such as putting it into followers-only mode. While it's hard to say at this stage, it's likely that Twitch will probably implement similar ideas that give streamers more control.


While the company's response may seem a little slow given the severity of the situation, it looks as though it's finally standing up and looking to make improvements. Whatever methods and tools it introduces, let's hope that it's more successful than the controversial string of Twitch bans that have also marred the site's reputation.

Despite it being the biggest streaming website on the planet, the recent hate raids have brought the company into disrepute, not to mention the big streamers who are currently leaving the site for YouTube. It seems as though Twitch is going through a bit of turmoil at the moment and needs to take action to help put it back in good standing with the community.

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