A Street Cat’s Tale is coming to PS4

A Street Cat's Tale is coming to PS4

Publisher CFK and developer feemodev announced A Street Cat’s Tale is coming to PS4 this month.

While A Street Cat’s Tale is coming to PS4 on April 28th, the stray cat simulator has been available for Windows PC (via Steam), Switch, and smartphones.

Here’s a new trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Tale of a street cat is a story of a baby kitten left alone at the town. It’s an adventure game played at the cat’s view. You will become a baby kitten to survive with 13 days to become an adult cat.

Key Features:

  • Hungry little Kitten
    • It’s inevitable that most cats living on the streets will starve.
    • Go around the town and get food so the kitten will not starve to death.
  • Many NPCs
    • Many NPCs with their unique personalities.
    • Some people will get angry when you talk to them, and some people will like you.
    • Some times they give something to eat or tells you their stories when you get close with them.
  • NPCs provide multiple endings
    • What will happen to the kitty at the end of the day?
    • there are 11 endings by the NPC’S affinity.

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