Genshin Impact: Everything You Need To Know About Fishing

There's no better time to start playing Genshin Impact than now, as there's actually more to do in the game other than Hilichurl depopulation or all kinds of roulette gambling. Now, thanks to update 2.1, fishing is a permanent addition to the game. It's also rather calm and can provide a respite from all the active grinding needed for progress.

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As with any new system or mechanic in Genshin Impact, fishing also has its complexities. There are techniques to be learned and knowledge to acquire in order to make fishing a painless and more relaxed activity. Here's what players ought to know about Genshin Impact's new pastime, which thankfully doesn't involve catching another Paimon.

Gain Access to Fishing Through Katheryne from Mondstadt


First up, how do players get started with fishing? That would be a simple as talking to Katheryne— the one in Mondstadt. If players are already doing commissions and claiming their daily rewards in Mondstadt's Adventurer's Guild, then chances are, they already have the Exploding Population quest offered by Katheryne.

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If she doesn't say anything about the quest or fishing, then players might want to check their Adventurer's Rank as the requirement is level 30 and above. Unlocking the Serenitea Pot housing system is also a must. Once all those conditions are met, the quest is pretty straightforward and serves as an adequate introduction.

Fishes are Either Ornamental for the Serenitea Pot or Currency for Items


In case players missed it, fishing or the fishes have two main purposes. The first would be for currency. Fishes act as some sort of tokens that players can spend in order to get certain items or upgrade their fishing capabilities. The items are all different across the merchants or anglers from Mondstadt, Liyue, or Inazuma.

Then, there are also rare fishes that are mostly used as ornaments. These fishes fit best in the player's self-design home ponds in the Serenitea Pot. The game will usually indicate what type of fish the players have caught so it's easier to spot later on what they're looking for.

Each Class of Fish Responds to a Different Kind of Bait


At the moment, there are four classes or main types of fish in Genshin Impact. One can theoretically classify them by size such as small, sharp-mouthed, flat, or large although the last three might have murkier classifications. This is important to note because each class of fish is attracted to a certain type of bait.

Most small fishes prefer the Fruit Paste Bait. Sharp-mouthed fishes might like Redrot Bait better. Flat and vertically wide fishes like the False Worm Bait. Finally, the large and long fishes— heavy-looking ones, love the Fake Fly Bait.

Focus on Collecting All Kinds of Bait First


Since bait is the central resource require for fishing, it's best to focus the currency fish expenditures on obtaining them. Baits come in recipe form. Players can purchase these from Nantuck, the Mondstadt angler, and the person that will guide them through the fishing quest.

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Nantuck will give players the Fruit Paste Bait for free after the quest. Players will then have to spend a total of nine Medaka (small, red) fishes in order to obtain the other three bait formula. After that, they'll be able to craft their bait from the Crafting Stations.

Players Can Only Fish in Designated Fishing Spots


So, the quest is finally done but players are usually lost on what to do next. That's not alarming as the game actually only has a few select fishing spots. They're mostly far apart from one another and sometimes even located in unlikely or unexpected places.

That very well means players can't just walk up to any body of water and start fishing. Seeing some salmon or crabs in a pond also doesn't qualify those as fishing spots, oddly enough. The fishing prompt along with specific fish types will only appear in these designated spots below:







Before Fishing, It's Best to Stand Near the Edge of the Fishing Spot


Now, once players have found their favorite fishing spots, it's time for some quick techniques. The game actually takes control of the camera once players have pressed the fishing spot prompt. The view can easily become limited afterward.

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That's why it's important to ensure that players have the most optimal camera view before they commit to fishing. It just so happens that near the edge of any body of land offers the best vantage point. This ensures that players will still see any fish that swims too close to the banks.

Don't Throw the Bait Too Near


Speaking of being too close, some players might be wondering why some fishes are too shy or too panicked even if their favorite bait is thrown at their face. That's because that's not how it works. Players will only startle the fishes if they throw the bait at their faces or too near.

This will cause the fish to swim away. By then, players might have no choice but to recast the line and if they throw the bait too close again, then the frustrating cycle of timid fishes will repeat itself. For best results, it's best to throw the bait at least a foot away from the fish. Anywhere that's a foot away from their front or sides should catch their attention without startling them.

Fish Can Also Disappear if Not Caught


One good reason why players might not want to resort to too much trial-and-error is that the fishes have a limited time. After the players catch a fish's attention, an invisible timer will run. Once that invisible timer runs out, the fishes will start disappearing and the players will have to find another fishing spot or return later in the day for the fishes to respawn.

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Respawn time is apparently 24 hours more or less, per fishing spot. That's rather lengthy so it's best to maximize one's time and efforts in each fishing spot. If the players don't disturb them, then that fishes in that spot will probably remain undisturbed.

The Kind of Fish that Spawn in a Fishing Spot is Random


Another reason why players will want to make the most out of a fishing spot is that the kinds of fish that spawn there are typically randomized. One spot might hold small fish and then only produce flat fishes the next day. There's no pattern.

There is, however, an indication of what kind of fishes will spawn in certain spots. That's because specific items that can be bought from the anglers require different kinds of fish as currencies. So like in Genshin Impact's other endgame or late game activities, everything is dependent on RNG.

Ignore the Better Fishing Rods & Collect The Catch First


What's not dependent on RNG when it comes to fishing is the act of reeling in a caught fish. The larger or rarer the fish, the more difficult it will be to wrestle it in. Still, it doesn't take much practice to get used to the reeling mechanic, just try to keep the meter at the center of the moving bracket.

It's more important to practice that because the upgraded fishing rods from each region are rather expensive. Players will do better in investing their caught fish for bait or in acquiring The Catch which is a pretty good polearm. If players have Raiden Shogun, then do it for her.

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