Skyrim Developer Details Hilarious Bug That Ruined Cart Sequences

Bethesda games have earned a reputation for buggy launches over the last few decades, as some of the company's biggest titles have been hindered by absurd glitches. Of course, the company had also largely gotten a pass up until Fallout 76 released, with the bugs frequently being considered "Bethesda charm." Skyrim, one of Bethesda's most popular games, launched with its own share of issues, though one that didn't make the final build is turning some heads online.

Over on Twitter, former Bethesda developer Nate Purkeypile shared a story of a bug that plagued Skyrim's development, leading to Purkeypile watching the game's intro sequence hundreds of times. Now iconic, Skyrim's cart intro would apparently be disrupted by a literal bug from time to time, an issue that took quite a bit of effort to solve.

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Rather than being on rails, Skyrim's intro cart is a physically simulated object, so anything that collides with it can cause issues. According to Purkeypile, this meant that a lot of factors could cause the cart to be disrupted along its path, whether that was a bumpy rock or any other object. Apparently, the cart would occasionally jet off into space after colliding with an object while en-route to Helgen. The offending object just so happened to be a bee.

Apparently, a separate bug had caused Skyrim's bees to be unavailable to be picked up, and to rectify the issue, Bethesda added a type of collision that allowed the bee to be picked up but also allowed it to physically collide with other objects. If a bee wandered into the cart's path with that sort of collision enabled, it would jet off into space, likely in a similar manner to Skyrim's iconic giant flying glitch, which causes players to fly into the air when struck by a giant. While it isn't a complete game-breaking issue, it does still sound like a fairly aggressive bug, which is ironic due to it being caused by a bug.

Of course, the bug was fixed before launch, so players were luckily spared from bee-flying adventures that could ruin the game during its opening moments. Skyrim is one of the definitive RPGs of the last decade, and a bug like this could have seriously impacted the game's reputation if it was prevalent enough in the final build. Ultimately, though, it's just an insightful look into how things can go wrong during development.

Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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