The best AK74u Warzone loadout

The best AK74u Warzone loadout

Want to find the best AK74u loadout in Warzone? When it comes to deciding what the best Warzone SMGs are, one of the factors that is often overlooked is the player’s aim. On paper, the Cold War MP5 is the best SMG in the game due to its ease of use and overall power. When paired with the right attachments, the AK74u might be the best SMG, but only for accurate shooters thanks to its headshot damage bonus.

Just like seemingly every other Warzone gun in the Season 4 Reloaded update, the AK74u was hit with a number of nerfs to reduce its time-to-kill speed. Despite the damage reduction, this SMG is still worth using as it can rip through enemies, especially if you're an accurate shooter. If you can control this powerful weapon, you should be able to rip through multiple enemies with a single clip.

For the best AK47u setup, the recoil can be adjusted in a way where the bullet spray only travels vertically making the AK74u a dream to use as you can focus entirely on aiming for the head.

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