EA Has 3-4 Unannounced Projects in the Works, is Interested in Acquiring Companies

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EA has had a lot on its plate over the last couple of weeks. Their flagship shooter Battlefield 2042, for instance, has been struggling quite a bit in providing a good experience to the community (though EA seems to have faith that DICE will turn the game around in the long term), but the company might be gearing up to look ahead and reveal more on what’s in store for the audiences in the months and years ahead.

In a recent quarterly earnings call (via MP1st), EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen stated that there are a few more games project they have yet to announce, apart from the already announced Star Wars games in development at Respawn Entertainment. In addition, Jorgensen also mentioned that the the company is interested in acquiring others to grow their product portfolio.

He said: “We’ve got a Need for Speed game coming, and there are three or four more things we haven’t announced yet, but you can imagine we are always trying to find ways to grow the portfolio year over year through new titles, new IP, and expansion, and as well, acquisition, which right now we are in the digest mode, but it doesn’t mean we won’t keep looking at everything going forward.”

With the recent acquisition deals Microsoft and Sony have been a part of, it would be curious to see if EA buys one of the well-established studios out there. Just last year, they completed the acquisition of Codemasters. As for the unannounced games, there’s no word on exactly when those will be announced, or how far out they are.

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