Fallout 76: Who Are The Unstoppables?

Fallout 76's season 6 is upon us, and it's all about Hubris Comics own, The Unstoppables! More specifically, as the banner would invoke, The Unstoppables! vs. The Diabolicals. The Diabolicals act opposite our comic heroes playing the villains. However, both new and seasoned players alike may not be familiar with the team.

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Players throughout the Fallout franchise may have run across magazines or comic books graced with their faces from time to time. While not the only fanciful comic property found in the wastes, The Unstoppables has been at the forefront of the characters portrayed in more mediums than one. This fictional nuclear apocalyptic Marvel or DC equivalent team is made up of five boisterous members.

Silver Shroud


The Silver Shroud is a male Boston-based vigilante usually depicted wearing a black fedora, silver shawl or scarf, and grey trenchcoat. His weapon of choice is a silver submachine gun. The Silver Shroud's popularity may not have reached Grognak's. Still, especially around Boston and the surrounding area, he was in talks for a television show before the Great War.

Arguably the most popular Silver Shroud story, Silver Shroud's radio play pits our antihero against his nemesis; The Mechanist. The Mechanist is to The Silver Shroud as The Joker is to Batman. This particular radio arc follows The Silver Shroud as he detangles the mystery of The Mechanist's crimes and identity, but more importantly, his former love interest; The Mistress of Mystery, another Unstoppable herself.

Manta Man


Manta Man is a male water-based hero extremely reminiscent of DC's Aquaman. In a tribute to this comparison, Manta Man wears a skin-tight suit comprised of an orange shirt and green pants. He is sometimes depicted wearing a blue cape and, on rare occasions, wrist blades of sorts.

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Despite the Great War leaving Manta Man on a cliffhanger, how the Fallout franchise has furthered Manta Man's lore is a bit head-scratching. In Fallout 4, a side character bestows upon himself the mantle, Manta Man. Throughout the questline that follows this random encounter, the player learns of the supposed plotline, including Manta Man's evil twin brother. Lastly, Manta Man appears as a playable character in Unstoppables Shindig, one of many board games found throughout the wastes made by the fictional company, Don't Be Board Games Company.

Mistress Of Mystery


The Mistress of Mystery, otherwise known as Claudia Martin, was orphaned at a young age as her archeologist parents disappeared while exploring the Lost Pyramid of Amun-Re. Claudia then grew up in the city of Cairo until a wealthy family adopted her. Soon after, she came into possession of her parents' belongings and set off on her adventures filled with mystery and discovery.

Mistress of Mystery is possibly the longest-running comic property across a myriad of mediums; comic books, radio reads, news strips, novels, etc. Like her Unstoppables teammate and eventual love interest Silver Shroud, Mistress of Mystery was poised to be cast upon the silver screen, but the nuclear apocalypse got in the way a bit. Yet, potentially the most intriguing element of her character is the repertoire of weapons our nonpowered hero has come to acquire.

  • Veil of Secrets, a veil that shields her face and cloaks her identity.
  • Garb of Mysteries, a black gown.
  • Eye of Ra, a unique brooch.
  • Phantom Device, a tool that helps her escape.
  • Blade of Bastet, an ancient sword.
  • Voice of Set, a .44 revolver whose abilities frequently change between issues.

The Inspector


Not too much is known about The Inspector, but what is known is that she is an African American woman usually depicted in a red ringmaster tailcoat and black tophat. She will most likely also be carrying her trusty magnifying glass pressed with her very own logo. She is described as a magical detective who utilizes spells and deduction to solve mysteries and pursue truths wherever she may be.

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Like her Unstoppables counterparts, The Inspector also appears in the Unstoppables Shindig board game alongside Manta Man. And, like the Silver Shroud, she is known to be a romantic interest of the Mistress of Mystery. Unlike some of the other members, The Inspector is genuinely referred to as a superhero. The Silver Shroud, for instance, is referred to as a vigilante.

Grognak The Barbarian


Arguably the most well-known Unstoppables member, Grognak, like his name suggests, is a male barbarian who has found himself traveling through time and magical lands. Grognak is depicted wearing a green loincloth, brown boots and equipped with a mighty mystical melee battle-axe. Grognak's nemesis is a capable sorcerer by the name of Grelok.

Grognak usually battles mystical creatures, but one major plotline featured Grognak coming back from the dead, implying there's more to him than initially expected. Like his cohorts, Grognak appears as a playable character in the Unstoppables Shindig board game alongside Manta Man and The Inspector. Grognak seems, on the surface, to be an homage to Robert E. Howard's Conan The Barbarian.

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