Frostpunk publisher announces "deep, morally ambiguous narrative-driven RPG" Project Vitriol

11 Bit Studios, the developer behind the acclaimed likes of This War of Mine and Frostpunk, has unveiled its latest publishing partnership, a “deep, morally ambiguous narrative-driven RPG” currently going by the codename Project Vitriol.

While 11 Bit is publishing and assisting with Project Vitriol, the game is actually the work of Polish developer Fool’s Theory – a “collective of AAA veterans” with previous credits on The Witcher 2 and 3. Its previous title, open-world RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone, released in 2017, and the studio has also lent support to the likes of Outriders and Divinity Original Sin 2.

As for Project Vitriol, 11 Bit Studios says the “deep, morally ambiguous narrative-driven RPG” is “of a scale and scope not previously undertaken by the publisher”, and Fool’s Theory CEO and project lead Jakub Rokosz had a little more to say as part of its announcement.


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