PS5 May Be the Best Platform for Life is Strange: True Colors

Arguably one of the most anticipated games of the year for many players, and especially so for graphic adventure games fans, Life is Strange: True Colors seems to be conceived with its predecessors in mind in terms of supernatural powers and dramatic story. The protagonist is Alex Chen, who decides to finally meet her brother … Read more

Overwatch Trick Lets Widowmaker Grapple Forever | Game Rant

Players are always looking for a way to gain a competitive advantage in games such as Overwatch. With a wide array of popular heroes in Overwatch, each with a unique set of abilities, teams have come up with some impressive techniques to win matches. Despite releasing back in May of 2016, some players continue to … Read more

How Long It Takes to Beat Every Fire Emblem Game | Game Rant

Fire Emblem is one of the longest-running series in the games industry. Over decades of releases, fans have unraveled the mysteries and history of its world while forming relationships with its many memorable characters over the course of countless strategic battles. The most recent release in the Fire Emblem series was Fire Emblem Three Houses … Read more

The 10 Strongest Multiverse Versions Of Spider-Man, Ranked

Spider-Man is one of Marvel's most popular superheroes, and one of the most recognized pop culture icons in the world. The friendly neighborhood web-slinger has a ton of movies, series, spin-off comic books, and superhero video games on his portfolio. Even those who are not fans of comic books recognize the character due to his … Read more

Bloodroots: Every Weapon, Ranked | Game Rant

Bloodroots is a relatively recently released game that oozes style and charm (like another recently released indie game) and will likely remind most players of another little game called Hotline Miami. Now, the visual aesthetics of these two games couldn’t be any more different, but both titles are entirely centered around taking out a slew … Read more

PlayStation Fan Makes Awesome PS1-Inspired DualSense Controller

Gamers love uniquely designed video game hardware. Giving a controller or accessory a look and aesthetic can result in stunning designs based off of well-known media properties. PlayStation controllers regularly get this treatment, as evidenced by official designs that tie in with a certain property or fans creating their own. There have been many custom … Read more

Dead Space Remake Site Is Hiding a Morse Code Easter Egg

This past week, Electronic Arts confirmed that a remake of the original Dead Space was currently in development at Motive Studios as part of its EA Play Live games showcase. The announcement was met with excitement from Dead Space fans who recall the original game fondly and would love to see the franchise return to … Read more

Are Awards Shows Finally Recognizing Genre Fiction? | Game Rant

For years now, major awards shows like the Oscars, the Emmys, and the Golden Globes have had a reputation for showing a preference towards more highbrow, artsy dramas over more popular genre fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies tend to be relegated to technical awards, while the major awards are swept by more down-to-earth works … Read more

343 Industries Adds Difficult Bots In Halo Infinite Preview Update


We’ve been hearing plenty about Halo Infinite’s preview this weekend, as select players were able to give the game a test run, though they're restricted to playing against bots. Multiplayer bots are a new feature for Halo, so part of this preview has been for 343 Industries to get feedback on how the bots function. … Read more

Masayoshi Soken Discusses FF14’s Vinyl Box Set

Final Fantasy, one of the best-selling video game RPG franchises of all time, has received critical acclaim for almost four decades for its rich storylines, stunning visuals and beautifully alluring soundtrack. The soundtrack is so beloved that it was featured during the opening ceremony for this year’s Olympics. Fans can now own a piece of … Read more