Resident Evil 9’s Protagonist Should Be One of the Classic Characters

Capcom's iconic survival horror franchise made a swift comeback with 2017's Resident Evil 7, and after 2021's Resident Evil Village the franchise is seemingly more successful than ever. Both Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village felt like a much-needed evolution of the 25-year-old series, and fans are excited to see where Resident Evil 9 takes things next.

Resident Evil 7 took the franchise back to its survival horrors roots with many parallels to the original Resident Evil. Resident Evil Village retained some of the new ideas introduced in Resident Evil 7 while also taking more risks with its storytelling, characters, and setting, using parallels to the cult-classic Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 9 will reportedly serve as a concluding chapter to the story that started in Resident Evil 7, but given how Ethan's return seems less feasible this time around, it could be time to bring back some of the classic characters to tie up loose ends and connect the Winters' storyline to the broader Resident Evil universe.

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Resident Evil Characters Who Should Return in Resident Evil 9


Over the course of 25 years, Resident Evil has introduced a multitude of protagonists with unique personalities that set them apart from one another. From college students to rookie cops, and from government agents to spies, every Resident Evil protagonist has a different flair, as well as a distinct and committed fandom.

However, Capcom hasn't done justice to many of its classic characters who have yet to receive closure. Jill Valentine has been notably missing since the events of Resident Evil 5, and aside from a brief mention in Resident Evil Revelations 2 there hasn't been any concrete info on her whereabouts. A new rumor from a notable Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem suggests that Jill Valentine may have a huge role in Resident Evil 9, which by the story's perspective doesn't seem too farfetched given her connections to Chris Redfield.

The cheeky Jake Muller, son of enigmatic Albert Wesker, was first introduced in Resident Evil 6, whose connections granted him antibodies necessary to make the vaccine for the C-virus. No one knows what happened to Jake Muller after Resident Evil 6, though the game's ending did leave enough room for a return. Jake has ties to Eastern Europe, where Resident Evil Village also happens to take place.

Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village try to modernize the Resident Evil formula while also retaining parts of classic games. The next logical step should be to bring back a fan-favorite protagonist whose role in the Winters' storyline is a much-needed piece of the puzzle. Resident Evil Village may be one of the most confident entries in the series, but Chris' stereotypical role in addition to the lack of other familiar faces leaves an inexplicable void that Capcom should fill.

Resident Evil 9 may retain the first-person perspective from the past two Resident Evil games, so playing as classic Resident Evil characters may feel odd at first. However, someone like Jake Muller would open new possibilities for how Capcom approaches traversal and melee combat. Jake's agile nature and expertise in melee combat could provide a very different first-person Resident Evil experience compared to the past two games, something that may resemble Dying Light.

The sequel still be years away at this point, with a rumored Resident Evil: Outrage allegedly the next in line. According to rumors, Resident Evil: Outrage's development started as Resident Evil Revelations 3 and will feature Rebecca Chambers as a protagonist. Whether it's true or not remains to be seen, though if true, this could be an indication of the direction Capcom is planning to head with Resident Evil 9.

Resident Evil 9 is rumored to be in development.

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